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All Coat Roof Spraying are the professional tiled roof spraying experts in Adelaide. We provide an exceptional high-quality service, which incorporates the full gamut of roof restoration. Our roof cleaning preparatory work is a key ingredient in restoring and repainting your roof. Utilising the right pressure to clean roof tiles without damaging them is the first step.

We remove stains, moss, lichen, and dirt prior to respraying your tiled roof. We take care of all the detailed work to ensure that your roof is ready for a sealing primer and then, multiple coats of roof coating paint. You may like to choose a heat reflective roof paint to cool things down on those hot days. We offer a free quote on your tiled roof spraying as well as undertake iron roof painting if thats the type of roof you may have instead.

How Much Does Roof Painting Cost?


When thinking about how much roof respraying costs, it is important to remember the benefits in the appearance of your home. Plus, the substantial increase in the value of your residential property or business from having your roof restored. In addition, it improves the lifespan of your roof and prevents leaks damaging your home. It also provides better temperature control and can reduce your energy bills. Having your roof repainted is a cost-effective way to achieve all of the above benefits. At All Coat Roof Spraying we provide a high-quality service at an affordable rate in Adelaide. The cost of your tiled roof spraying is dependent upon the size of the job and the current state of your roof. Call us for a free quote now.

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Restoring Your Tiled Roof


In our experience clients are amazed at how transformative painting your home’s roof is.

Happy customers have been bowled over by the years it strips away from the perceived age of your house or business.

If you are looking to sell your residential property, then, roof restoration is a must.

The appearance of an ‘as new’ roof will make your house look like a million dollars.

For a small investment you can reap rich rewards. All Coat Roof Spraying can restore your tiled roof for less than you think.

Your roof fills a wide expanse and makes a large impression.

A shabby roof could be costing you more than you think.

Talk to us today about choosing a new colour to transform your house or business.

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